Pain is for the Weak!

Try new things, they say.

It will help you heal, they say.

Be with your friends, they say.

Have yourself inked, I did.

I got meself inked!

I got meself inked!

I have been wanting to get myself inked since 2011 but I only made one of my dreams come true last December 2013. The original plan was to just have dinner, get wasted, sleep on a cheap hotel, and go home. But when me, my college best friend (“COLBREND”), and one of my closest friends (“ONCLOF”) were starting to drink our hearts out (might I add that I was already starting to get drunk), I asked COLBREND if she wanted to get inked. She said yes and we immediately left ONCLOF and told her that we will check P&P Tattoo for their rates. Unfortunately, the store was closed since it was already 10 in the evening. I thought that we wouldn’t be able to have ourselves inked since we made the decision with the help of liquor in our system, but COLBREND said that we will come back tomorrow morning or in the afternoon. I actually wanted to back out but since time is of the essence (and since I really really wanted to get a tattoo and I also wanted to conquer my fear of needles), I agreed.

Jack's Loft!

Jack’s Loft!

We then went back to Jack’s Loft (with ONCLOF waiting, and to continue our drinking spree), and then told her that she must have herself inked, as well. We knew she wanted to object but since we are all close friends for six years now, she agreed. So… when we finished drinking (I was already drunk and sleeping), we slept on a cheap hotel in Anonas with the intention of making our dream (of getting inked) turn into reality when we wake up.

The next morning, we went back to Eastwood, checked P&P’s rate and started to panic as the moment of truth is just about to happen. We were laughing while we were planning on who goes first. Well, since ONCLOF is a strong woman (lol), she went first. And then COLBREND went next. And the finale was me.

Well… getting inked isn’t as painful as I thought it would be. Yes, you will feel the pain, but it’s actually tolerable and you will just laugh at yourself for thinking that you will die while on the process of getting inked.

COLBREND and her tattoo!

COLBREND and her tattoo!

ONCLOF and her tattoo!

ONCLOF and her tattoo!

This is one of the memorable experiences I will forever treasure. And yes, I love my first ever tattoo!

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